The period of the meeting will be in the tourist season. A set of 60 rooms in Brest center has been reserved at special prices at :

  • the 2* Ibis Hotel (79 euro/day (single), 88 Euro/day (double)),

Hotel Ibis centre
13 rue de Siam
29200 Brest

  • the 3* Oceania Hotel (90 euro/day (single), 104 Euro/day (double)).

Hotel Oceania centre
82 rue de Siam
29200 Brest

Prices include breakfast.

For the reservations (the sooner the better), please see this link Reservation   

  • choose arrival/departure dates
  • and number of rooms/persons
  • click on "Check availability & price" and you can choose your hotel

Please be aware that the total cost will be charged immediately (cancellation or modification will be possible - cancellation penalty = 2 euros) 

Please note that after March 10, you will be on your own and prices will be much higher.