Underwater Intervention

What is it for?

Ifremer has a modern fleet and all the necessary underwater equipment and know-how to conduct successful underwater intervention down to 6000 metres depth.

These means allow the location, the identification and the salvage of objects or equipment.

How it works?

These means are :

  • For the location: the vessels of the Ifremer fleet are equipped with multibeam echosounders for shallow and deep waters and can operate towed side scan sonars, such as the SAR. These equipment are combined with most up-to-date positioning systems.
  • For the identification and the inspection: mainly the manned submersible Nautile and the Remotely Operated Vehicle Victor 6000.
  • For the salvage: these vehicles are equipped with telemanipulator arms operating many tools adapted to underwater works and basket systems or light density fluid bags allowing to recover objects from 50 kg to several tons.

Key innovation

The Remotely Operated Vehicle Victor 6000 is now equipped with a high definition digital camera allowing to produce the best images of the ocean depths that can be filmed nowadays.

Key achievements

Many references in the field of underwater intervention : dives on Titanic (3 900 m) and John Barry (2 600 m) wrecks, closing of the leaks on Prestige oil tanker, recovery of civil or military equipment laying on the seabed.

Services offered

All these facilities can be offered to foreign governments, companies of the public or private sectors, cinematographic producers, television channels.


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