What is it for?

Ifremer has a modern fleet and all the necessary equipment and know-how for the acquisition and the processing of necessary data for the cable route surveys.

These surveys provide the bathymetry and imagery required for the seabed characterization.

How it works?
 These facilities are as follows :

  • The vessels of the Ifremer fleet are equipped with multibeam echosounders for shallow and deep waters, particularly Pourquoi pas ?, L’Atalante and Le Suroît, which allow the undersea mapping of depth range from 25 to 3000 m with Simrad echosounders EM 1000 and EM 300 and from 100 to more than 6000 m with Simrad EM12 Dual echosounder of L’Atalante. Pourquoi pas ? is equipped with two new Reson echosounders allowing shallow and deep water characterization.
  • Ifremer has developed softwares for data acquisition, processing and interpretation. These softwares are mainly CARAIBES and SONARSCOPE.

Key innovation

These tools allow the route surveys prior to cables laying in real time according to the relief and the nature of the seabed.

Key achievements 

Ifremer already achieved cable route surveys, mainly for transatlantic fibre optic cables, in the Asiatic waters and in the Mediterranean Sea.

Services offered

All these facilities can be offered to international telecommunication companies or consortiums.


Ifremer's key technological offers