Mineral and Energy resources

What is it for?

Ifremer offers R&D programmes for safe exploration and exploitation of ocean resources. The institute expertise covers a wide range in marine sciences and technologies. Products and services are also offered in the fields of :

  • Geology, geophysics and geotechnics
  • Metocean
  • Fluid/structure interactions
  • Underwater acoustics
  • Material behaviour in marine environment
  • Underwater vehicles and robotics
  • Environmental studies

How it works?

  • Our experienced scientists and engineers can help you to achieve your offshore activities in all the above-mentioned fields.
  • Ifremer has fully equipped vessels (Pourquoi pas ?, L’Atalante, Le Suroît) and their associated equipment ( ROV Victor 6000, AUV Asterx, multibeam echosounders, seismic, imaging, bathymetry …) to undertake sea surveys.
  • Specific tools can also be deployed such as the towed acoustic system (SAR), the OBS (Ocean Bottom Seismometer) or their micro version MicrOBS, the geotechnical module, the Penfeld penetrometer, the piezometer, the corers, the seabed observatories, …).
  • Ifremer also offers a complete range of studies in laboratories and testing facilities specifically for deep environments. These facilities are as follows: testing basins, hyperbaric testing tanks, climatic, mechanical and acoustic testing facilities with the associated analysis and calculation means.

Key innovation

A very big variety of disciplines in marine sciences and technologies with original facilities allowing to conduct high-level works.

  • Numerous collaborations with TOTAL (geohazards, gaz hydrates,…).
  • Collaborations with Shell and Exxon Mobil.
  • Many JIPs (Joint Industry Projects) in partnership with various companies such as TOTAL, TECHNIP, SAIPEM, STATOIL, DORIS Engineering, STOLT OFFSHORE, IFP, BV, PRINCIPIA,...

Services offered

All these facilities can be offered to foreign governments, companies of the public or private sectors, oil and gas companies, manufacturers wishing to test new products,...


Ifremer's technological offers