Marine biotechnology

Ifremer’s offer in marine technologies. (non-exhaustive offer described below)

Ifremer has an original hydrothermal bacterial bank, where EPS (Exopolysaccharides) come from, with properties that have been proven and patented, for some, in the fields of cosmetics and health (angiogenesis, dermal and bone tissue engineering, …), of enzymes such as the DNA polymerase of the Pyrococcus Abyssi and other molecules of potential interest such as the secondary metabolites and the PHA (biodegradable plastics). The bank is run exclusively by two companies: Seadev for EPS and PHA production and Protéus for the commercialization of enzymes of interest.

A number of patents have been jointly registered with university partners on bacteria strains as well as on the EPS produced by these bacteria, and the resulting applications. Ifremer’s knowhow rests on developing the culture procedures of these particular bacteria further, the depolymerization procedures of molecules (EPS) and the characterization of molecules.

Businesses interested in acquiring patent licenses for EPS and/or scientific studies carried out in partnership can apply directly to Ifremer and its partners.

In addition, Ifremer carries out research on the properties and procedures of depolymerization of fucans, the molecules extracted from brown algae, for wide-ranging applications in the fields of medical devices including, in particular, bone engineering.

Aside from EPS and fucans, Ifremer has gained world recognised capabilities in the chemistry of complex sugars. Recently, a study carried out with the University of Western Brittany was able to highlight the benefits in coupling dissacharides and trisaccharides to antibodies to increase their efficiency on certain types of cancer.

The benefits of molecules from hydrothermal bacteria rest in their formidable, still largely untapped source of medicine, the safety of the production of molecules in a completely controlled environment, and the uniqueness of the source of these molecules which guaranties patented businesses exclusivity in targeted pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets.


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