Food industry

What is it for?

In fisheries and aquaculture sectors, Ifremer works on marine product/co-product knowledge and their processing in order to find new food and nutritional application.

The main research concerns :

  • The quality of process an products.
  • The diversification of products, processed or not.
  • The durability of production/processing systems.
  • The sanitary quality and product hygiene.
  • The species molecular identification.
  • The scientific scanning and regulation (CODEX).

As such Ifremer contributes to the development of innovating processes, preservation techniques and characterization analytic methods related to the industrial sector.

How it works?

Ifremer offers the following facilities :

Infrastructures :

  • Testing hall of food processing technology dedicated to preservation and processing techniques for sea food products and co-products ;
  • Filting and trimming room annexed to the technology hall.

Equipment and platform :

  • Platforms for molecular biology, chemistry/biochemistry, food microbiology, sensory analyses.
  • Pilot plant for co-product processing by soft technologies.
  • Pilot plant of fish pulp processing (equipped with a bi-screw extruder), of smoking, thermical treatment of sea food products.

Key innovation

These developments are based on a pluridisciplinary approach including the study of innovating processes and quality of the products obtained. They integrate as well research on different sensors (mainly acoustics) offering a continuous quality control of food products.

Key achievements

Scientific partnerships with Universities and Engineer schools, European associations (WEFTA)...

Sector partnerships with :

  • The professional organizations: CITPPM, CNC, CIPA, fisheries.
  • The technical centres and the French technique organization (OFIMER).
  • The industrials.

Services offered

Ifremer offers its services for testings, analyses and process studies.

These are detailed in the dedicated presentations of this domain.


Ifremer's technological offers