Coastal Environment

Ifremer contributes to the monitoring, management and enhancement of the coastal environment.

In order to assist public and economic actors in the sustainable development of coastal zones, Ifremer is developing observation, modelling and representational tools enabling to monitor and predict the quality of water, resources and coastal biotopes :

  • Measuring tools : Bio-captors, MAREL measurement stations for sea water analysis, chemical analyzers, underwater spectroscopy.
  • Coastal vessels and underwater equipment : Europe, the halieutic research vessel for littoral environments; Asterx, the autonomous underwater vehicle.
  • Models for forecasting the state of the sea : MARS model, Previmer.
  • Environmental data and representational tools : QUADRIGE – information system for coastal environment, ENVLIT - Internet portal dedicated to the monitoring of the littoral environment.

At all these levels, Ifremer offers industries, businesses and littoral zone managers a collaboration towards a sustainable development of these areas, particularly in order to meet the requirements of the Framework Directives on water and bathing water.

As an example, the development of morphodynamic models enables to considerably improve the assistance to public decision-making during new developments, such as the daily management of dredges.

Ifremer also contributes to individual research sites, such as the Thau pond, to the Integrated Management of Coastal Areas (GIZC).


Ifremer's technological offers