Ifremer’s two major priorities correspond to a demand from the professional sector and from consumers, to the environmental concerns of the organisation, as well as to the requirement of excellence in the highly competitive environment of the European Research Area :

  • The sustainability of manufacturing systems focusing on the analysis and the development of the biological aspects of aquaculture production systems, and on their interactions with the environment.
  • The improvement of procedures and products with the aim of encouraging the market launch of animals responding the health and safety needs of consumers, and to develop suitable techniques for farming.

«Benchmark» species have been selected: seabass for fish, cupped oyster and pearl oyster for molluscs, penaeid shrimps for crustaceans. Other species retain an application status, particularly in DOM-TOM (e.g. ombrine).

In the offer put forward to the aquaculture industry in the fields of molluscs and fish farming (hatchers, businesses), Ifremer provides its expertise through its researchers (optimization and configuration of recycled channels, culture optimisation (best farming practices, prevention methods and pathology reduction, feeding improvement) and offers a large range of products in these areas (ex. patents on fish feeding, patent on shrimp diagnosis kits for disease resistance, and much know-how in pathology and culture devices).

The collaborations suggested could be developed though the provision of expertise (service provided at a fee) or through patent and know-how licenses.


Ifremer's technological offers