Le programme de recherche MOANA-MATY


MOANA-MATY aims to investigate the phytoplankton decadal variability and the underpinning physical and biogeochemical processes in the Pacific Ocean helping in the future to predict their response to climate changes. Because climate changes are expected to have dramatic impacts on hotspots for marine biodiversity and resources, we will investigate how the physical and biogeochemical decadal signals occurring at basin scale are modulated in the vicinity of the Marquesas archipelago (French Polynesia). Decadal variability in tuna stock will also be assessed both at basin and Marquesas scale. The responses of the Marquesan society (in terms of knowledge and practices) to these past changes will also be investigated. To reach these objectives MOANA-MATY is based on the strong and complementary skills of a multidisciplinary team of collaborators: marine biogeochemistry, ecology and physics via satellite remote sensing, in situ observations and modeling, but also fisheries and anthropology

Collaborateurs: MIO, LOV, UPF, LOCEAN, LEGOS

Financement : Délégation à la recherche de la Polynésie française

Contact : Elodie MARTINEZ