Technological Platform (Ifremer-DRMM, Vairao)

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The Technological Platform, located at the Ifremer Pacific centre at Vairao, has today become an indispensable tool for research in Polynesia. It provides facilities enabling each year members of the research staff of UMR EIO and researchers from other organisations in Polynesia or visiting researchers to carry out their work. Based on 6 different rooms, it disposes of a wide range of apparatus (list in table below).

The Platform has been constantly evolving thanks to contracts won and purchases effected, and today has facilities enabling molecular biology-based research ranging from the extraction of nucleic acid to the quantification of gene expression by quantitative PCR. Proteomic tools are also available and enable the extraction, detection (western blot) and separation of proteins according to their biochemical characteristics (2D gel). This Platform also disposes of all the equipment necessary for histological preparation and observation, whether for simple colouring or immunolabelling.

A microbiology laboratory has just been added to the Platform and will provide facilities for work involving the identification of pathogens, experimental   infection and also tests of biological activity in vitro.