Biochemistry - Cellular Biology Platform

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Associate Professor in Physiology
Tel. : 40 866 478


The technological platform dedicated to Biochemistry and Cellular Biology has been running since 2003 at the UPF campus and has recently acquired a flow cytometer.

It is at the disposal ofuniversity lecturers and researchers from UMR 241-EIO working in cellular biology, physiology, biochemistry and ecology.

This Platform consists of 2 dedicated laboratories with the following equipment:

-      Biochemistry- Cellular Biology: 1 electrophoresis tank for proteins with generator and thermostat-controlled bath; 1 Western blot tank ; 1 electro-elution tank; 2 peristaltic pumps; 1 precision scale (Ohaus) ; 2 electrophoresis tank for nucleic acid with corresponding generator; 1 thermostat-controlled oven (Jouan) ; 1 filter hood for manipulation of solvents ; 1 centrifuge (ThermoScientific Fresco 21) ; 1 thermocycler (Arktik Thermal cycler) ; 1 ultra-centrifuge (ThermoScientific, Heraeus Biofuge stratos) ;

Manager: Dr Nelly SCHMITT, Associate Professor in Physiology


-      Flow Cytometry: 1 flow cytometer (CyFlow, Partec) used for the study of the autotrophic and heterotrophic planktonic organisms of lagoon and oceanic waters. Since it is easily transportable, it is often used during fieldwork, enabling the rapid analysis of samples after collection.

Manager: Dr Céline LAFABRIE, Associate Professor in Ecology