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Physical-biological interactions combining satellite observations and model-derived data from seasonal to decadal variability in the global ocean. Now working on interannual to decadal variability of phytoplankton and its physical forcings in the South Pacific Ocean: a regional (island mass effect) to basin approach.

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Projets Scientifiques

PhytoDev (2016-2017/19, PI E. Martinez)

PHYTOplankton DEcadal Variability in the global ocean

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MOANA-MATY (dec-2014-2017, PI E. Martinez)

The Marquesas biOlogicAl eNhAnceMent within the pAcific Ocean: from the processes to the decadal variabiliTY.

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THOT (2015-2016, PI E. Martinez)

TaHitian Ocean Time series

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GAME (PI. L. Hédouin, CNRS-Criobe, financeur : Labex Corail)