Séminaire : HARWOOD Timothy

D. Timothy HARWOOD

Cawthron Institute, Nelson, New-Zealand

Marine Toxin Chemist

Co-leader Safe New-Zealand Seafood Research Programme

donnera une conférence intitulée


“A look inside the Safe New Zealand Seafood research programme”


The Cawthron Institute leads the New Zealand government funded ‘Safe NZ Seafood’ research programme. This 7-year programme (2013-2020) supports research that helps ensure NZ seafood is safe to consume and meets international market access requirements by assessing pre- and post-harvest risks from micro-organisms (harmful algae, viruses and bacteria). Cawthron scientists perform all of the harmful algae research due to their taxonomy, ecology and marine toxin chemistry expertise, with the virus and post-harvest bacterial contamination components subcontracted to other NZ science organisations. In this presentation I will give a brief overview of the research activities within the programme and will then focus on those being undertaken at Cawthron involving harmful algae. This will include current research on Gambierdiscus sp. and the instrumental methods being established to monitor toxins associated with ciguatera fish poisoning