Job / Postdoc / PhD / Internship offers

You want to join us in the team ? The LM2E lab publishes regularly PhD / MSc subjects together with opened postdoctoral positions all along the year. You can easily follow fresh news about job offers by subscribing to our RSS feed "LM2E Jobs".

Flux RSS - LM2E Jobs


This file contains all the announcements related to the internship subjects (post-baccalaureate) proposed by the LM2E Laboratory.

Offres de Post-Doc

Ce dossier regroupe toutes les annonces relatives aux sujets de post-doctorat proposés par le LM2E.

PhD Offers

This folder gathers all announcements relative to PhD subjects from LM2E.

Job Offers

This folder gathers all job offers available for either fixed term contracts or opened fixed positions (Technical staff / Engineers / Researchers).