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Located in Ifremer (Centre de Brest) and Institut Unversitaire Européen de la Mer (IUEM/UBO), the lab has expertise and skills dedicated to the microbiology of deep sea extreme environments. Its research topics include the study of ecosystems including the preparation and organization of work at sea, the description of the phylogenetic and functional microbial diversity, and understanding of adaptative processes at the cellular and molecular level.


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Oceanic Cruise BICOSE

Follow up daily activities of our onboard LM2E team toward exploration of hydrothermal sites onto the Mid-Atlantic Ridge !

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Soutenance d'HDR de Laurent Toffin

Pôle Numérique Brest-Iroise

Microbiologie du cycle du méthane dans les sédiments marins profonds soumis à des migrations de fluides froids


PhD Defence of Vincent Apremont

IUEM - Amphi A

Description of the microbial diversity associated with Chorocaris chacei: A possible double symbiosis


PhD Defence of Charlène Odobel

Pôle Numérique Brest-Iroise

Spatial and temporal dynamics of archaeal and bacterial communities in deep marine sediment from the Mozambique Channel

Last Papers

Article published in Nucleic Acids Research journal

Now in press in Scientific Reports journal


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: Mohamed JEBBAR (Director)

: IUEM Rue Dumont d'Urville 29280 PLOUZANE



E-mail : Mohamed.Jebbar@univ-brest.fr



: Didier FLAMENT (Assitant Director)

: IFREMER Centre Bretagne CS 10070 29280 PLOUZANE



E-mail : Didier.Flament@ifremer.fr