Conference, the 29 of october 2010 

List Abstract Conference


8h15 Welcome for participants

8h45 Conference opening by the Direction of the Brest IFREMER Centre

 Session 1 – The different types of tracers used in microbial source tracking (MST) 

 Part 1. Chaired by IFREMER  

9h00 Presentation 1 - Bacterial MST markers - PDF  

Alain RINCÉ, Université de Caen 

9h20 Presentation 2 - Viral MST markers, the case of bacteriophages - PDF  


Leslie OGORZALY and Marie-Paule CAPRAIS, IFREMER centre de Brest 

9h40 Presentation 3 - Cheminal MST markers - PDF  

Laurent JEANNEAU, CNRS Géosciences, Rennes 

10h00 Discussion with the audience

10h30 – 11h00 Coffee break

 Part 2. Chaired by CEMAGREF  

11h00 Presentation 4 - MST tools and urban faecal pollutions - PDF  

Nathalie WÉRY, INRA, Narbonne 

11h20 Presentation 5 - MST tools and pig faecal pollutions - PDF  


11h40 Presentation 6 - MST tools and avian faecal pollutions - PDF  

Tom EDGE, Environment Canada, Canada 

12h00 Discussion with the audience

12h30 – 14h00 Drinks and buffet lunch

 Session 2 – Application of MST to bathing waters and shellfish production waters 

 Part 1. Chaired by Agence de l'Eau Seine-Normandie  

14h00 Presentation 7 - Interest and limitations of MST markers - PDF  

Anicet BLANCH, Université de Barcelone, Espagne  

14h20 Presentation 8 - Development and implementation of MST markers to identify the origin of faecal pollutions in Canada - PDF  

Christopher YOST, University of Regina, Canada 

14h40 Presentation 9 - Implementation of MST markers to identify the origin of faecal pollutions in the UK

Jonathan PORTER, Environment Agency, UK 

15h00 Presentation 10 - Possible use of MST tools to investigate and to evaluate pollution sources in river and sea waters - PDF  

Jean DUCHEMIN and Mathieu ESCAFRE, Agence de l’Eau Seine-Normandie 

15h20 Discussion with the audience

16h00 -16h30 Coffee break

 Part 2. Chaired by Pole de compétitivité Mer Bretagne    

16h30 Presentation 11 - Bacterial markers and shellfish - PDF  

MIchèle GOURMELON, IFREMER, centre de Brest 

16h50 Presentation 12 - AquaManche (UK/France) project, application of MST methods at the level of catchments - PDF  

Huw TAYLOR, University of Brighton, UK 

17h10 Presentation 13 - The Marquopoleau project, the transfer of MST tools to water analysis laboratories - PDF  

Gaël DURAND, IDHESA, Plouzané 

17h30 Discussion with the audience

18h00 Conclusion and closure of the conference