Objectives and missions

The objectives of the network are to:
  1. Monitor mollusc health status on the coasts of France and build-up a reference picture
  2. Predict the introduction and propagation of pathogenic organisms, in particular those for which declaration is compulsory
  3. Monitor the evolution of diseases already present in the country.

Which molluscs?

  • Commercially-important wild or cultivated mollusc populations (flat and cupped oysters, mussels, clams, cockles, scallops and abalone) along the coasts of France.
  • Mollusc populations that are not necessarily of any commercial importance but which are either potentially sensitive to diseases with compulsory declaration or potential carriers.

Which sites?

Marine and estuarine environments on the French coast, including oyster-growing ponds, hatchery-nurseries and stocking basins

Monitoring by the Repamo network follows three main themes:

  • Monitoring of diseases in France that have compulsory declaration: Bonamiosis due to Bonamia ostreae and Martelliosis due to Marteilia refringens
  • Monitoring of wild and cultivated mollusc populations: this surveillance allows a list to be drawn up of the pathogenic organisms naturally present in France. It also allows their evolution to be monitored and their true impact to be assessed. This surveillance also allows new diseases to be detected and their spread to be limited
  • Making special studies in cases of increased shellfish mortality: the objective is to detect the presence of any pathogen responsible for the mortalities and prevent propagation when this is the case.