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OIE sanitary code for aquatic animals 2009: site de l'OIE


Directive 06/88/CE on conditions of sanitary policing applicable to animals and aquaculture products, the prevention of certain diseases in aquatic animals, and measures to fight these diseases.

Commission Regulation 175/2010 of 2 mars 2010 supporting application of the directive 2006/88/CE of the council concerning measures to fight abnormal mortalities in oysters of the species Crassostrea gigas associated with the detection of oyster herpes-like virus (OsHV-1).

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List of containment areas established due to rises in mortality of Crassostrea gigas in connection with the detection of OsHV-1 (in accordance with article 2.2 of commission regulation EU 175/2010) – seesite for the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries 

Decree n° 2008-1141 of 4 november 2008 NOR: AGRG0823467D

Decree n° 2008-1155 of 7 november 2008 NOR: AGRG0826266D

Order of 04 november 2008 NOR: AGRG0825592A and NOR : AGRG0825593A

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