Award of "Best poster" Euro-Argo - X.ANDRE

The poster "Deep Arvor profiling float" has been awarded “best poster” during the 7th Euro-Argo Science Meeting in Athens, the 22nd and 23rd of October 2019.

This poster describes the main features of the deep-Arvor profiling float, which allows to measure temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen profiles autonomously, up to 4000 meters depth. The deep-Arvor complies with the specification of the Argo international network, which stipulates that these measurements must take place during the ascent phase, and that they must be transmitted immediately to the shore-based data centre. Its speed of movement in the water column is regulated, thanks to the control of its hydraulic components throughout the water column. The deep-Arvor is equipped with the Ice Sensing Algotithm (ISA), and an advanced grounding management. It allows the acquisition of 4,000 CTD+DO samples from the bottom to the surface. The lifetime of the deep-Arvor depends on the control of its Seabird SBE41CP CTD: 150 cycles in "continuous pumping" mode, and 200 cycles in "spot sampling" mode.
Finally, the poster describes the high carrying capacity of additional sensors in the deep-Arvor, by presenting two projects. The WAPITI project (1) includes an ADCP and a battery pack under the deep-Arvor to study deep-sea currents in the Weddel Sea (Antarctica). The 3-headed deep-Arvor project involves 3 types of CTDs, with the objective of in situ & on platform inter-comparison: SBE41CP, SBE61 and RBRconcerto3.
(1) This project received fundings from the European Research and Innovation Programme H2020, under grant agreement 637770.
(2) This project received fundings from the French National Research Agency as part of the "Investissements d'avenir", under the reference ANR-10-EQPX-40.