Authors Instructions

Communications will be presented either as oral presentation or as poster:

The oral presentation is only for invited papers (defined by the Steering Committee). So the poster is the current presentation for the majority of authors.

Poster dimension is 80 by 120 cm.

To submit an oral communication or a poster you have to send an abstract no longer than 250 words before the 31st  of July 2013 at the following web address: and according the editorial instructions that you can download.

> Download the: application/msword CSS pour le résumé/abstract

Oral communications will be publish in the Symposium Proceedings edited by Springer-Verlag , but it remains possible to submit a poster presentation for publication in these Proceedings.

If you wish to publish your scientific presentation in the Symposium Proceedings, you have to send, before the mid of October 2013, a manuscript no longer than 10 pages at the following web address:

> Download the zipped file containing the: application/zip CSS et notes Springer-Verlag