5 - Perturbations naturelles et impacts

Lundi 21 octobre 2013 - Marseille - Amphithéâtre de la Présidence de Aix –Marseille Université
de 11.30 à 14.40 h

Agenda du lundi 21 octobre 2013 - Marseille

Co-Présidents : Prof. Hisayuki Arakawa et Dr. G. Grégori

de 11:30 à 12:30

3 exposés de 15 minutes (avec 5 minutes de question)



24. Prof. Yuji Tanaka, Japon

Oithona davisae, the most dominant copepod in Tokyo bay, a highly eutrophicated embayment: Why are they so dominant?

> application/pdf Abstract 24.

25. Prof.  Makoto Tsuchiya, Japon

Ecosystem services of mangrove forests with reference to the transportation of organic materials to coral reefs: A case study in Palau for the MPA management.

> application/pdf Abstract 25.

26. Dr. Bernard Salvat, France

Health and degradation of coral reefs: Time scale - Natural and anthropogenic perturbations at global, regional and local scales.

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de 12:30 à 14:00

Déjeuner (buffet)

de 14:00 à 14:40

Session 5. (suite)

27. Dr Hideki Takami, Japon

Impacts of 2011 mega-earthquake and tsunami on Ezo abalone Haliotis discus hannai at Iwaisaki, Miyagi, Japan.

> application/pdf Abstract 27.

28. Dr. Yukata Okumura, Japon

The influence of the March 11, 2011 Tsunami on the environment and the phytoplankton community in Matsuschima Bay. 

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