PEP proposes training for fish tagging but other training can be foreseen, please contact us.

Fish individual tagging can be used both in the frame of experimental work in lab (to perform long term monitoring, to identify fish in common garden experiments...) and in the natural environment (tagging/recapture).

PEP has acquired expertise in fish tagging (see exemples below and bibliography) and proposes training for tagging. Training format will be discussed depeding on needs (external or internaltagging, short or long term...) and of species.

  • Zebrafish juveniles
  • Marine fish fry
  • Juveniles or adults of seabass, sole, salmon trout, hake...

Example of dispensed formations:

  • Marine fish tagging in experimental and wild environment (1 month ; 07/12)
  • Behavioural sequences analysis and use of Ethovision (3 monthes ; 10/12)