Station of L'Houmeau

The station of L'Houmeau is involved in production and use of genomic ressources in fish.

Two laboratories from Ifremer Station of La Rochelle / L'Houmeau are involved in Aquagenet program : the Fisheries Laboratory of La Rochelle and the Ecotoxicology Laboratory. These laboratories are involved in research and survey activities. They develop research activities in the following domains of fish biology : physiology, embryonic development, adaptation and behavior/wellfare in contexts of aquaculture and environment.

Within Aquagenet framework, laboratories from L'Houmeau are involved in following WP:

Activities performed


Use of NGS to produce genomic ressources in fish.


In silico analysis to identify genes and genome regions of interest by comparison with model species.

Analysis of tissue remodelling regulation during metamorphosis in sole and consequences in aquaculture (in particular those related to nutrition factors).

Identification of embryo-larval mechanisms underlying asymetric growth of sole muscle.

Medium-throughput screen for genes with an asymmetric expression during embryo-larval development and their role in occurence of malformations (considered as a bottleneck in aquaculture).

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