WP4 - Biotechnologies applied to molluscs

Development of biotechnological tools dedicated to molluscs aquaculture.

Studied species are oysters, mussel and clams.

This work package consists in following actions:

  1. Comparative analysis of sequences. In silico analysis of genes and genomic regions of interest using comparison with model species (IPIMAR, UCA, IFREMER, ISEM).
  2. Differenciation of species (oyster and mussel; IPIMAR, IFREMER, UCA, ISEM).
  3. Genetic characterisation of populations (oysters, mussel and clams; IPIMAR, UCA, IFREMER, ISEM).
  4. Study of reproductive success (clams; IPIMAR).
  5. Development of cytogenetic markers in oyster and clams - Characterisation of genomes and evolutives involvments (IPIMAR, UCA).