WP3 - Biotechnologies applied to fish

Development of biotechnological tools dedicated to fish aquaculture.

Fish studied are Solea senegalensis (Southern sole from Sénégal) and Solea solea (common sole from Northern).

This work package consists in following actions :

  1. Comparative analysis of genomic sequences between fish species (IFAPA, UB, IFREMER, UCA).
  2. Optimisation of a microarray used as analytical tool in sole. Advanced tool for functionnal studies in sole (IFAPA, UB).
  3. Evaluation of environmental factors effects in fish production. Salinity as a factor modulating wellfare and production abilities in sole (IFAPA).
  4. Tissue remodelling regulation during metamorphosis in sole and consequences un aquaculture. Nutrition and environment as key factors modulating transformation process during larval development (IFREMER, IFAPA).
  5. Identification of embryo-larval mechanisms underlying muscle asymmetric growth (IFREMER).
  6. Medium trhoughput screen of genes with an asymmetric expression during embryo-larval development and their role in morphology alteration an aquaculture bottleneck (IFREMER).
  7. Improvement of the management of reproduction and sex to obtain high-quality breeder stock in sole (UB).
  8. Development of cytogenetic markers for each chromosome pairs to validate genetic map in sole (UCA).