IT network

The Gigaethernet network head end on board the Thalassa now has 336 giga ethernet outlets compared to 240 before maintenance, for use by crew and scientists. This upgrade allowed the Ethernet cabling extension to be integrated with the science computers as well as the physics lab, and to connect all onboard network ports. A VLAN structure was also implemented, enabling better control of the various data streams on board the vessel.

As to the servers, the obsolete SUN V240 machine (SUN having been defunct for some 3 years) has been replaced by a new INTEL HP DL380/G7 server. More specifically, this server uses a VMWARE hypervisor, allowing it to accommodate several virtual machines (VM) simultaneously, bringing down the number of physical machines on board.

Following these changes, the SYMSAT system, which performs messaging between the ship and shore, has been migrated from a SUN SOLARIS environment to Linux CENTOS, with no deterioration in available functionality. For some three years now, the ship’s NAS server has no longer been able to cope with all the fishery mission files, particularly those from the ME70 echosounder. Its capacity has been extended from 3TB to 18TB with RAID6, and it is run using a NETAPP 2040 machine.

Lastly, to bring down the number of PCs in operation on board, more sophisticated use of the new VMWARE virtualisation technology has been implemented. A new generic server that can accommodate a number of applications simultaneously has been installed. As a result, 14 conventional PCs have been removed from the ship, which should facilitate these configurations remaining on stream.