Technical overhaul of RV Pourquoi pas?

After five years’ service, the vessel was in dock for Bureau Veritas reclassification in Brest from February 26 to March 9. The NSE department made the most of the extended maintenance and dry docking of the ship to carry out a number of operations directly linked to scientific and IT equipment. In particular, the faulty multibeam echosounder transducers were replaced. This dock time also allowed IT upgrades to be carried out, including server operating systems and a new TECHSAS acquisition software. Lastly, the Wifi sub-network was upgraded. One notable change was the installation and acceptance of a new CISCO 5508 wifi controller, providing centralised management of this sub-network, facilitating the work of onboard electricians.

In 2008, SHOM decided to acquire a new-generation davit to deploy the Pourquoi Pas? hydrographic boats. A contract was concluded in late 2008 with Norwegian company MacGregor. In 2009, design work to adapt the vessel to accommodate the system was carried out (general layout plans, definition of works to reinforce the structure and for the interface). To ensure the system could be properly integrated into the vessel, structural calculations were performed pursuant to Bureau Veritas certification rules. The various stages of acceptance (factory, dockside and at sea) of the davit, and completion of adaptation work on the vessel, were completed during dock maintenance period.