2013 renovation of the vessel’s IT system

A major overhaul of the Pourquoi pas? IT system took place in the first two weeks of November 2013 during a voyage between Toulon and Cap Verde. This involved fitting the vessel with new servers (ship, data storage, backup and virtualisation). More specifically, the “ship” SUN V240 machine, installed in 2004 and now obsolete, was replaced by a new INTEL HP DL380/G8 server. This server operates with a VMWARE hypervisor and hosts some six virtual machines (VM) simultaneously (CMMS, anti-virus, accounting server, etc.).

To reduce the number of PCs in operation on the ship, advanced virtualisation implementation has been rolled out on board. A new server virtualising business applications and capable of hosting several applications simultaneously has been installed. This can accommodate a score of virtual machines (onboard and mission office automation, CASINO+, QUARTAO). The workstation is no longer a PC, but a thin client unit that is easier to maintain. This has enabled 20 conventional PCs to be removed from the ship.

For the past three years, the ship’s storage server has no longer been able to cope with all the mission files, particularly those from the multibeam echosounder. Its capacity has been extended from 5TB to 30TB.

In addition to this new infrastructure, complete replacement of data processing PCs has been carried out, in order to ensure continuity of the data chain from acquisition through to final output.