Refit of RV L’Europe

Partially funded by CPER-FEDER (regional and European budgets), AREMA project was accepted in September 2012. The purpose of the project was to modernise the vessel's scientific equipment and IT equipment in order to increase its marine data acquisition capabilities. It included the installation of new scientific apparatus, such as an ME70 multibeam echosounder for fishery research, identical to the one on RV Thalassa. This equipment has the capability to investigate the water column to identify pelagic and demersal fish species, as well as bathymetric mapping capabilities. An additional ER 60 333 kHz single beam echosounder, used to identify plankton layers by multifrequency analysis, has been added, along with a number of peripheral sensors (attitude unit, hull velocimeter, Sippican system).


The IT system has been completely overhauled, with the renewal of the network and the installation of two servers for infrastructure and data storage to address the needs of the new fishery echosounder. For mission coordination, a mini-wall of 6 monitors displays all the sensors. A software suite, almost identical to the one available on RV Thalassa, has been installed on board for data acquisition, mission monitoring and data processing. In particular, new SeaDataView software has been installed, allowing a number of key data to be displayed on a map background.


Communications have been upgraded, with the addition of a VSAT Sailor 900 antenna providing internet access, enabling systems supervision architecture to be set up and remote maintenance to be performed from land.


Work to incorporate the new equipment cas carried out at the Sud Marine shipyard in Marseille from February 17 to April 20, 2014, including 5 weeks in dry dock. All the new installations were validated during trials lasting two weeks, between April 21 and May 3.