Yoann Ladroit’s thesis work

Yoann Ladroit’s thesis work in 2012 involved developing bathymetric processing of multiple deep-water targets (structures, wrecks) using simulations and experimental data supplied by SHOM. This functionality, alongside current developments in multibeam echosounders for water column image reflectometry, is eagerly awaited by the hydrographic community. The method developed by Yoann Ladroit, based on preliminary filtering designed to carry out pre-detection of potential targets, has proved to be highly effective. Applying the ‘multi-detection’ algorithm to experimental data for specific targets (such as shipwrecks and a vertical post) has allowed for a very significant increase in bathymetric data quality, detecting up to three distinct targets per beam, and increasing the number of sensors that can be used in one scene by 30% – with no perceptible deterioration in the bathymetric noise levels observed in data (see, for example, the figure in “Key Facts”). Yoann Ladroit defended his thesis at Telecom-Bretagne on November 28, and has been taken on as a research engineer by NIWA (New Zealand).