The OET and the E/V Nautilus

The Nautilus is the exploration vessel of the Ocean Exploration Trust (OET) managed by the explorator Bob Ballard. She is equiped with a permamnet underwater robot (ROV) and a particular attention is paid to ship to shore communication (The ship is equiped with a telepresence system and benefits of the infrastructure of the university of Rhode Island). In 2013, the OET has requested the aid of Ifremer in the evaluation of newly installed scientific equipmnent : a multibeam echosounder Kongsberg EM302 (30 kHz, 1° by 1°) and a sub bottom profiler Knudsen Chirp 3260 (3,5 & 15 kz). The main cruise started from Toulon (France) June 22th for 4 days. Most of the trials were carried out on the specific reference zone generally used by Ifremer ans SHOM for their own calibration tests.