GLOBE software suite

The development of GLOBE software (Global Oceanography and Bathymetry Explorer) began in October 2011. The aim of this software, which is of strategic importance for the Institute, is to provide the scientific community with a general-purpose tool for processing and viewing oceanographic data. In Europe, the EUROFLEETS project was the initial impetus for developing a common policy governing software for data acquisition and processing at sea, and was the founding project for GLOBE.

This software suite is built around the 3D-Viewer, to which a series of functional modules are connected. The 3D-Viewer enables Digital Elevation Models, echograms in the water column, objects (ships, submarines), photos, videos and seismic data to be viewed. It also features multilayer viewing and provides contextual descriptions (metadata).

As a minimum, the functional modules involve viewing and processing of multibeam sounder data (bathymetrics and imaging), submarine equipment data (photos, videos, sensors), seismic data and sediment sounder data as well as raw and echo-integrated fishing data. Other modules will be developed during the product’s lifetime.

An operational version of GLOBE, mainly dedicated to bathymetry and imagery, will be circulated in June 2014.

Part of 2013 has been focussed to the development of new functionalities for EMODnet European project. GLOBE has been proposed as a reference tool for DTM production.