The tentative program is available below. Things are liable to change depending on the evolution of the situation. We hope to facilitate remote participation the morning presentations.

Please visit regularly this page for any possible change. A detailed program is available here. The book of abstracts is available here: Book of abstracts.




Monday 23


Session 1: Crustal dynamics: plumbing system

Hands-on workshop (time-series)

Session 2: Ecosystem response to environmental drivers

Tuesday 24

Session 3: Water-column and plume dynamics

Session 4: Outreach and social impacts

Hands-on workshop (Modeling & Imagery analyses)

Strategic working groups

Wednesday 25

Break-out session

Strategic working group

Restitution of working groups

Drafting of white paper


Hands-on workshops

Three workshops will be held Monday and Tuesday afternoons

a)      Big data, time-series analyses tutorial (Tim Crone, LDEO, US)

b)      Imagery (Aurélien Arnaubec, Ifremer, France)

c)      Handling multi-scale data/modeling (Lars Ruepke, GEOMAR, Germany)