The Momarsat 2014 cruise

The MoMARSAT 2014 cruise took place from July 13 to 31, 2014, on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge off the Azores onboard the research vessel Pourquoi Pas ?. The mission’s objectives were: the annual maintenance of Momar observatory deployed since 2010 on the Lucky Strike vent field (1700 meters depth), the deployment of thermistor chains in the field of view of the TEMPO camera, setting up experiments to monitor the growth of mussels and to continue the characterization of several hydrothermal sites.

Seven scientists from the Deep Sea Laboratory participated to this cruise led by Pierre-Marie Sarradin.

The mission objectives were fully fulfilled. All instruments have been cleaned and redeployed, 622 video sequences (2 min in length) and 85 014 measurements were recorded.