How to update a configuration ?

For V9.xx versions and older

To update a configuration,

  • FIRST define $HOMEMARS,
  • create a new configuration with 'mkconfdir...',
  • get the files you have modifed in an old version with 'gmake copyconfig',
  • update the files and install the code at the new revision though the command

'gmake install "OLDREV=XX" "NEWREV=YY" '.

PAY ATTENTION to the XX and YY number. Check in $HOMEMARS/../list_version,

The update command merges differences between revisions OLDREV and NEWREV into your *.F90 and *.h files. It does not update input files, you have to check by yourself to see if the format has been modified. (It is also precised when a new version is published).

  • solve the conlicyed file manually
  • compile the code

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