What are the differences between the commands 'gmake install' and 'gmake install "OLDREV=XX" "NEWREV=YY" ' ?

Answer usefull for V8.XX versions only

  • With 'gmake install', you use the $HOMEMARS environment variable, you cannot use update facilities
  • With 'gmake install "OLDREV=XX" "NEWREV=YY" ', you use the $HTTPSVNROOT environment variable. When using the "update -s" command, SubVersioN updates your routines (under $UDIR/CONF/CONF-CASE) from thre OLDREV revision to the NEWREV revision. You have to resolve conflicted files only. NEWREV should correspond to the V8.XX version of MARS ($HOMEMARS)

In V9.05, the command 'gmake install "OLDREV=XX" "NEWREV=YY" ' does not exist anymore. It is replaced by

'gmake update"OLDREV=XX" "NEWREV=YY" '

This command loads the old revision (though SVN), updates the user files (in $UDIR/CONF/CONF-CASE), list the conflicted files which the user must correct manually, and load the new revision (must be correspond to the new $HOMEMARS)