I cannot use the "mkconfdir" command. When I type "mkconfdir...", I get : mkcondir: Command not found

  1. Are you sure you are trying to install a new version from the right machine : the one where you have defined the environment and from where you will run the executable ?
  2. Check your MARS environment in your .cshrc file, you must have
  • alias mkconfdir "$HOMEMARS/../TOOLS/MARSENV/mkconfdir_caparmor"

Summary of MARS environment (csh)

  • setenv HOMEMARS /home11/caparmor/mars/CODE_MARS/CODE_MARS_V9/V9.05/Mars_Agrif2
  • setenv UDIR /export/home1/${USER}/MARS_CONFIG
  • setenv CDIR /export/home8/${USER}/COMPILE_MARS
  • setenv RDIR /export/home8/${USER}/RUN_MARS
  • alias mkconfdir "$HOMEMARS/../TOOLS/MARSENV/mkconfdir_caparmor"
  • setenv extranet_login tg059b2
  • setenv HTTPSVNROOT https://forge.ifremer.fr/svn/mars3d