Industrial valorization: Operational developments of emerging technologies

The constitution of a state-of-the-art equipment pool for geodesy and seismology (Element 1, 2 & 3) will strengthen the long-term partnership between research and industry in marine sciences.

The generic use of specific equipment to monitor submarine geodesy and seismic crises will mark a milestone in the development of marine instrumentation and its industry. This project will definitely ascertain state of the art technologies. Most of these technologies and products are the result of fruitful collaborations and technological transfers from research labs to the industry over the past 20 years. This project will consolidate product lines and keep a dynamic path between public laboratories and French and European companies.

R&D topics dedicated to the development of optical ocean bottom geophysical instruments (Element 4) will open the way for the operational use of emerging optical technologies:

  • Hybrid DAS/fibre-optic sensors for the measurement of the dynamic deformation rate along optical fibres, operated in partnership with various industrial suppliers, will make it possible to use these technologies in market segments beyond seismic monitoring (e.g. acoustic ecology, maritime traffic monitoring).
  • The use of fibre optics in the developments will minimize development costs and simplify maintenance throughout the data acquisition chain.
  • These new acquisition systems will provide access to new information that can be used in many applications (for example: health monitoring of marine structures, addressing the needs of emerging industrial sectors such as marine renewable energy).