Project Governance

The organizational structure will consist of the following (see organigram here below):

A Steering Committee (SC),

bringing together the duly appointed representatives of all the partner institutions, as well as representatives of REVOSIMA and of the RESIF-EPOS, EMSO-France research & ILICO infrastructures. The French Oceanographic Fleet will also have a non-permanent representative, to facilitate the coordination between project activities and naval facilities. The SC will meet twice a year.

Its missions:

  1. Adopt the work program;
  2. Approve allocated budget and resources;
  3. Validate the deliverables;
  4. Approve any changes;
  5. Promote economic sustainability of the present Structuring Equipment.

An Executive Committee (EC), in charge of:

  1. Implementing the decisions of the Steering Committee;
  2. Preparing and managing budgets;
  3. Promote and develop cooperation between partners;
  4. Promote valorization and outreach activities;
  5. Liaising with the Information systems of RESIF-EPOS, EMSO, SISMER and REVOSIMA.
The Executive Committee will be composed of:
  • The project manager, assisted by an administrative & financial manager and by a secretary;
  • The responsible person in charge of the « RESIF-EPOS Marine » group handling the mobile equipment;
  • The "Mayotte regional team leader" of EMSO-France;
  • The responsible person in charge of REVOSIMA;
  • The representative of ILICO;
  • The responsible in charge of the Information Systems activities.