Project Elements

Element 1:

Equipment for initiating seafloor geodesy in France and creating a national community of researchers in marine geodesy, through shared national facilities, resulting in reduced PI-driven project costs. It will promote exchange and sharing of know-how, methodological research and the implementation of community experiments for the acquisition of collective expertise.

Element 2:

Equipment for rapid response and monitoring of seismic and volcanic crises, using geodetic/seismological light-weight sensors, readily transportable, to be deployed within a few days from small opportunity ships, to capture the process when signals are expected to be the largest. This equipment will provide high-resolution data to the scientific community and to the civil protection authorities for improved crisis response and management.

Element 3:

State-of-the-art ocean-bottom seismometers pool for seismic imaging and for solid earth and marine environment research.

Element 4:

Research and development on optic fiber applications at sea for:

  1. improving data processing for Distributed Acoustic Sensing systems;
  2. implementing innovative geophysical sensors using Fabry-Perot interferometry;
  3. developing innovative high-sensitive strainmeter sensors within single optical fiber.

Element 5:

Mayotte multidisciplinary seafloor and water column observatory, including:

  1. an electro-optical and optical fiber cable network for continuous real-time 24/7 high-resolution secured data acquisition from 3 fixed multiparameter stations and data transmission on land;
  2. autonomous multi-parameter stations equipped with sensors for geophysics, geochemistry, biology and ecology.

Information System:

The IS will guarantee open and compliant data access from all the instruments acquired.