Année 2021


- Validation of the dynamic load characteristics on a Tidal Stream Turbine when subjected to wave and current interaction
Lloyd Catherine, Allmark Matthew, Ordonez-Sanchez Stephanie, Martinez Rodrigo, Johnstone Cameron, Germain Gregory, Gaurier Benoit, Mason-Jones Allan, O'Doherty Tim
Ocean Engineering  IN PRESS. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :

- Experimental investigation of upstream cube effects on the wake of a wall-mounted cylinder: Wake rising reduction, TKE budget and flow organization
Magnier Maelys, Druault Philippe, Germain Gregory (2021)
European Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids, 87, 92-102.

- The Impact of Turbulence and Turbine Operating Condition on the Wakes of Tidal Turbines
Ebdon Tim, Allmark Matthew J., O’doherty Daphne M., Mason-Jones Allan, O’doherty Tim, Germain Gregory, Gaurier Benoit (2021).
Renewable Energy, 165(Part 2), 96-116.