Année 2019


- A device to describe chemical gradients above the sediment-water interface at centimeter-scale resolution
J. Knoery, D. Cossa, B. Thomas, G. Germain, S. Rigaud, Limnology and Oceanography, 2019

- Experimental investigation of the turbulent wake past realistic seabed elements for velocity variations characterization in the water column
M. Ikhennicheu, G. Germain, P. Druault, B. Gaurier, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 2019


- Experimental study of the wall-mounted cylinder wake effect on tidal turbine behaviour compared to free stream turbulence
B. Gaurier, M. Ikhennicheu, G. Germain, P. Druault, G. Pinon, EWTEC 2019, Naples

- Influence of turbulence and wave flow conditions on different scaled tidal turbines
G. Pinon, C. El Hadi, J. Nuño, P. Mansilla, E. Nicolas, J. Marcille, JV. Facq, I. Belarbi, B. Gaurier, G. Germain, A. Pacheco, M. Togneri, EWTEC 2019, Naples

- Computation of turbine interactions in ambient turbulent flows
C. Carlier, C. Choma Bex, G. Pinon, G. Germain, E. Rivoalen, EWTEC 2019, Naples

- First round of MARINET 2 Tidal Energy Round Robin Tests under combined wave and current effects
B. Gaurier, S. Ordonez-Sanchez, JV. Facq, G. Germain, C. Johnstone, I. Santic, F. Salvatore, EWTEC 2019, Naples

- Numerical modelling of an undulating membrane converter
M. Trasch, A. Chambon, A. Déporte, D. Lemosse, G. Pinon, E. Rivoalen, G. Germain, J-B. Drevet, EWTEC 2019, Naples

- Advancing IEC standardization and certification for tidal energy convertors
P. Scheijground, A. Southall, C. Bittencourt, P. Davies, M. Harrold, P. Mathys, G. Germain, EWTEC 2019, Naples

- Effects on the Loading of Horizontal Axis Turbines when Operating under Wave and Currents
R. Martinez, S. Ordonez-Sanchez, M. Allmark, C. Johnstone, T. O’Doherty, C. Lloyd, G. Germain, B. Gaurier, EWTEC 2019, Naples

- An Experimental and Modelling Approach for Assessing Dynamic Cable Capability to Withstand Operational Constraints
A. Maison, G. Damblans, C. Berhault, M. Franchet, P. Cartaud, F. Menard, Y. Demmouche, G. Germain, JICable 2019, Paris

- Experimental study of coherent flow structures past a wall-mounted square cylinder
Ikhennicheu Maria, Germain Gregory, Druault Philippe, Gaurier Benoit (2019) 
Ocean Engineering, 182, 137-146.