Activities performed by the Institut Carnot Edrome department in charge of deep-sea physical resources and ecosystems

Staffed by highly specialised personnel, the department delivers innovative solutions and is ideally set up to conduct multidisciplinary projects with private businesses and public research structures, thanks to a full range of skills assembled on a single site.

Collaborative research

Institut Carnot Edrome, the department in charge of deep-sea physical resources and ecosystems, runs collaborative research programmes with involvement in the following phases:

  • Scientific and technical review of proposals,
  • Socio-economic advantages,
  • Canvassing of partners and/or sponsors,
  • Preparation of technical and financial proposals,
  • Conduct of research and supply of deliverables,
  • Scientific and economic viability.


The department also provides the following services:

  • Studies,
  • Expert appraisal,
  • Provision of testing facilities.

Commercial viability/knowledge and technology transfer

The department also transfers some of its products to interested companies that are able to make them commercially viable.