Research units within the Institut Carnot Edrome department in charge of deep-sea physical resources and ecosystems

The department’s scientific and technical teams comprise 3 research units: "Marine Geoscience", "Deep-sea ecosystem research" and "Technological research and development".

The department has a staff of 230 with recognized skills in key marine and technical scientific disciplines (geology, geophysics, geochemistry, biology, ecology, microbiology, sea-water chemistry, optics, electrochemistry, physical oceanography, hydrodynamics, materials, electronics, mechanics, etc.).

It is also equipped with clean and innovative laboratories and testing facilities (results of oceanographic campaigns, equipment from the French oceanographic fleet and testing facilities that are unequalled in Europe for their proximity and mutual compatibility (hydrodynamic testing tanks, hyperbaric testing chambers).

Marine Geoscience

For a number of years, marine geoscientific research conducted at Ifremer has been undergoing significant changes which include, for example, the ability to run multidisciplinary programmes on sedimentary margins and processes as well as on dorsal margins, often with substantial financial contributions from external bodies. These programmes are conducted with a high degree of national and international participation, particularly at European level or in partnership with industry, more specifically in the areas of deep-sea offshore oil drilling and mineral resource extraction. These activities are driven by socio-economic considerations (resources, climate, natural hazards) as well as scientific factors (major national and international programmes).

> Research unit manager: Louis Geli // Secretary: Alison Chalm
Tél. : +33 2 98 22 42 24 / Fax : +33 2 98 22 45 70
Adress : Ifremer - Géosciences marines - B.P. 70 - 29280 Plouzané Cedex, France

Deep-sea ecosystem research

The purpose of multidisciplinary research is to develop studies with a view to describing and understanding the composition, structure and workings of marine ecosystems (including microbial science). Focal areas of this research include the study of deep-sea ecosystems based on chemosynthesis or detrital deposits, microbiology of extreme environments (diversity, cellular and molecular processes) as well as DNA replication and repair mechanisms. This activity forms part of national and international research efforts to explore and study deep-sea ecosystems, and requires the development of bespoke methods and instruments. Close ties with academic bodies (UMR 6197) and private entities have been forged.

> Research unit manager: Pierre-Marie Sarradin // Secretary: Danièle Minvielle
Tél. : +33 2 98 22 43 04 / Fax : +33 2 98 22 47 57
Adress : Ifremer - Etudes des Ecosystèmes Profonds - B.P. 70 - 29280 Plouzané Cedex, France

Technological research and development

The research unit in charge of technological research and development runs experimental and digital R & D programmes in order to validate equipment, materials and structures for use in marine environments, to understand and improve their behaviour, and to develop innovative solutions. On an ongoing basis, it works on the front-end side of the process in liaison with universities and the CNRS, on key research topics (corrosion, hydrodynamics, modelling the behaviour of materials and systems, underwater monitoring, new materials, bio-film, marine biological fouling, etc.) and on emerging issues (development of biosensors, etc.). The unit also supports research encouraging university laboratories to participate in its research issues. It sets up collaborative undertakings with the research world in France and abroad, particularly at European level. It fosters very close relationships with industrial stakeholders in marine exploitation and participates in the necessary technological developments.

> Research unit manager: Chantal Compere // Secretary: Véronique Le Guen
Tél. : +33 2 98 22 40 81 / Fax : +33 2 98 22 46 50
Adress : Ifremer - Recherches et Développements Technologiques - B.P. 70 - 29280 Plouzané Cedex, France