The Ifremer department in charge of deep-sea physical resources and ecosystems has carried the Institut Carnot label since 2006 and goes by the name of Institut Carnot - Ifremer Edrome (A French acronym for sustainable exploration and harnessing of mineral and energy resources found in the oceans). This label was renewed for the period running from 2011 to 2015.

The Institut Carnot Edrome department in charge of deep-sea physical resources and ecosystems conducts research into the exploration and harnessing of highly strategic and competitive mineral, energy and biological resources found in the oceans.

The department is staffed by specialists with recognized expertise in key scientific and technical disciplines. It is equipped with clean and innovative laboratories and testing facilities. Through sustained research efforts in which it has been involved for more than 30 years, it has become renowned for its high standards in all disciplines relating to marine technical science.

Its workforce of more than 230 offers a wealth of experience and expertise while also delivering innovative solutions and exhibiting an impressive ability to engage in multidisciplinary research projects, thanks to the broad set of skills available on the same site.

Strong ties have been forged at a number of levels with:

  • Teams of university academics and research institutes as well as French and other international organizations;
  • Industrial stakeholders: oil utilities, businesses in other oil-related industries (engineering companies, component manufacturers and service providers), mining or aggregate extraction companies, and certification authorities.

The institute is bolstered by its involvement with regional bodies (marine competitiveness clusters in Brittany and the PACA region, etc.), national bodies (ANR, GDR, Clarom, etc.), European bodies (networks, etc.) and international organizations (USA, Canada, Japan, China, etc.).

Download the Institut Carnot - Ifremer Edrome information sheet: application/pdf Fiche de présentation - Institut Carnot Ifremer-EDROME (French).

Institut Carnot philosophy

The Label Carnot seeks to promote collaborative research, i.e. the conduct of research by public laboratories in partnership with socio-economic stakeholders primarily including businesses (ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to large groups).

Research units

The department’s scientific and technical teams comprise 3 research units: "Marine Geoscience", "Deep-sea ecosystem research" and "Technological research and development".

Fields of research

The Institut Carnot Edrome department in charge of deep-sea physical resources and ecosystems is involved in scientific challenges (understanding the formation of continental margins, geological and geochemical processes associated with the movement of fluids, research into deep-sea biodiversity and assessing the effects of human activity on the environment). It is also involved in technological challenges (development of marine instruments, development of innovative and reliable facilities for exploring and harnessing mineral and energy resources).