Coming to Toulon

By air 

» To Toulon-Hyères International Airport

Shuttle bus from the airport to Toulon city centre - Bus N°102 (30 minutes trip) - 5 departures per day

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Free shuttles will be proposed  

  • from Hyères airport to Toulon, at 17:30 on Tuesday 7th, 
  • from Toulon railway station to All Seasons, at 18:15 on Tuesday 7th 
  • from All Seasons to Toulon railway station and Hyères Airport, at 15:30 on Friday 10th   

» To Marseille-Provence Airport

  1. Shuttle bus from the airport to Marseille St-Charles railway station - Departure every 20 minutes
  2. Train from Marseille St-Charles railway station to Toulon city centre - Departure every 45 minutes
    (1 hour trip)

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By car 

» From Toulon-Hyères International Airport


  1. Take railway A570 and follow the sign to Toulon-Draguignan (7km)
  2. Carry on the A57 in the direction of Tombadou - La Valette centre - Toulon 
    (15 km)