Abstract Submission

Proposed topics

A first list of open topics is proposed:

  • New vessels or vessel projects
  • Ice breakers
  • New manned submarines and innovative underwater systems
  • ROV/AUV deployment and interoperability
  • Long coring performances and quality improvement
  • Long moorings
  • Best practices and legal status about AUVs and gliders operations
  • Environmental new constraints
  • Towed seismic equipment: perspectives and performances
  • Data treatment, networks and communication
  • Operational engineering on complex work fields: intervention on wreck, installation and maintenance of deep sea observatories
  • Research fleets: infrastructures, logistics and infobases
  • Lessons learned


Abstracts of proposals are due by email to inmartec@ifremer.fr for the 15th of September 2008 (intention before the 11th of September, noon - french hour).
Final program should be edited for the 18th of September.
Workshop materials (PowerPoint, pdf) would be required for the end of September 2008.


It will be possible to display posters and to consult them at the end of the session 'Lessons learned'.
Authors who wish to show posters are asked to declare themselves and to provide an abstract before July 31st.
The size of the poster should not exceed 120cm high / 84cm wide.