Sensing group

Mechanic technician

Mickaël is a mechanical technician within the sensing team of the Mapping, Data Processing and Sensing group.

What does your job involve ?

My work involves maintaining the piezometers and seisometers deployed by the marine geoscience research unit during oceanographic expeditions. The piezometer is a lance (15 m max) driven into the seabed to measure pore pressure at different depths. The tool is comprised of approximately 80 different parts that I maintain, order and store. I calibrate the differential pressure sensors before placing them in their pipe.

I regularly embark on oceanographic expeditions. On-board, I prepare the launching of the tools and recover the data collected.

Back on-land, I also work to improve and development tools according to the specific requirements of the scientists and researchers.

What training did you have ?

I have a technician's certificate in Industrial Maintenance.

Electronics Engineer

Christian is an electronics engineer in sensing.

What does your job involve ?

I specialize in marine sensing instrumentation, my fields of competence re physics and signal processing. I overview all circuits in general and the associated digital processing. I have always been involved in the development of innovative tools which include servo systems, signal conditioning and digital processing. The fields of application are varied, such as the study of geological hazards or mineral resources. My research activities are multi disciplinary providing technical assistance to the physicists at the marine geoscience research unit. According to their needs, I design and develop, measurement tools in such fields as seismology or hydrocarbon detection.

My main area of work is the training, management and mentoring of personnel specialized in electronics, such as PhD students. Additionally, I participate in the proposition of new concepts, such as sensors which are not yet on the market, and I also publish scientific articles in this field.

What training did you have ?

In accordance with specific demands of the physicians working in marine geosciences, I conceive and develop electronic measuring equipment for, example, seismology or hydrocarbon detection. My main axe of work is to supervize personnel specialized in electronics through, for example, PhD students. Additionally, I participate in proposing new concepts such as sensors which not yet commercialized and the publication of associated scientific articles. Certain PhD subjects are led in close collaboration with the Lab-STICC of the University of Brittany.

What training did you have ?

I have a dual engineer-university training obtained at a telecommunication engineering school and my PhD was obtained at the Observatory in Meudon.