Chemical technician

Sandrine is a chemical technician (x-ray fluorescence and diffraction).

What does your job involve ?

My job involves in analysing solid samples (rocks and sediment) to determine their chemical and mineral composition.

Once the samples are selected, I prepare them by incising (for rocks), crushing and drying. They are then analysed through x-ray fluorescence (chemical analysis) and x-ray diffraction (mineral analysis).

My work may be conducted on-board during oceanographic cruises or back in the lab.

The results of my work are used by geologists working on deep sea mineral resources from hydrothermal sites, nodules and crust and also carbonates.

What training did you have ?

I obtained a general scientific baccalaureat specializing in physics and chemistry and went on to obtain a technician diploma in chemistry and I completed my training with a degree in Industrial Chemistry and Pharmaceutical analysis in Nice.

Chemical technician

Vivien is a chemical technician at the Geochemical & Metallogeny Laboratory within the Marine Geoscience Research Unit.

What does your job consist of ?

I mainly work on the research and study of hydrothermal plumes through their physical and chemical tracers, the study of associated hydrothermal fluids and the analysis of interstitial waters on the continental margin.

I work with and develop instruments like the CTD probe which takes water samples at sea.

The samples are analysed either at sea, depending on the equipment on board, or when I get back to the lab which is equipped with a significant analytic system.

Once the data is processed and the samples analysed, the results are sent to the laboratory scientists for them to interpret.

What training did you have ?

After a general scientific baccalaureat specializing in physics and chemistry, I went on to complete a technician course in chemistry.

Chemical engineer


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Geochemist specialized in hydrothermal fluids

Cécile is a geochemist specialized in hydrothermal fluids.

What does your job involve ?

My job is varied and has many facets. My main objective is to publish articles for science magazines. I embark on oceanographic cruises to collect samples and data. When I get back to the lab, I analyse part of the samples, process the data, interpret the results. I also take on students on work placements every year, prepare research and finance projects, develop methods of analysis and assist in instrument development.

My research concentrates on the study of the geochemical and mineral composition of  hydrothermal fluids and gas and the study of the organic composition of these fluids and in particular the hydrocarbons and origin of life molecules.

My research themes are:

- The study of the geochemistry of gas and minerals in hydrothermal fluids to understand  the geochemical processes related to hydrothermal circulation;

- The study of organic components in hydrothermal fluids and in particular hydrocarbons and molecules at the origin of life.

What training did you have ?

I specialized in chemistry and process engineering obtaining a  Masters Degree in polymeric materials. My PhD concentrated on the study of the organic molecules in hydrothermal fluids.