Water column mapping and acoustics team

The team handles acquisition and processing of data obtained by the multibeam echosounder used to make topographic maps and acoustic images of the seabed of the newly explored zones.

The multibeam echosounder also allows the expert eye to detect physical anomalies generated by hydrothermal plumes in the water column consequently helping to locate active hydrothermal vents. Its configuration and smooth running are guaranteed by its operators throughout the expedition.

The new bathymetric maps and acoustic images are processed on-board, geo-referenced and integrated into our global information systems (GIS).

The role of this team is central in the planning of the Nautile dives and working zones for the CTD rosette and dredging operations.

  • Carla Scalabrin, researcher, water column acoustics, Ifremer
  • Sylvain Bermell-Fleury, engineer in SIG mapping, Ifremer
  • Charline Guérin, technician in acoustic processing, Ifremer
  • Stéphane Guiomar, multibeam echosounder operator, Genavir
  • Michel Boutbien, multibeam echosounder operator, Genavir